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Council at Daybreak

a hilarious Catholic game of social deduction

the Council!

Council at Daybreak is a game of mystery and discovery. Each game is only 15 minutes but you'll find yourselves playing for hours!


There is a heretic in your midst!

A game where every player has a role to play in finding the heretic in the council. Behold, the heretic will do anything to not be accused...

A quick-playing, 3-10 player game that engages all players with action and communication to find the truth!

Why You'll Love This Game

Quick to Play

Each game only takes 15 minutes to play. But with each game you play, the more strategy you will discover and fun you will have!

Social Play

The majority of the gameplay is in the interaction with others. You must tell your story well and listen to others to deduce the whole truth.

Catholic Fun

Each character is inspired by the Catholic Church and her members. It provides opportunity for laughter and community among all players.

like scavenger hunts?

The Characters

Here are a few of the character roles you will play in Council at Daybreak

CAD texture - symbols - 01_edited.jpg

Go in Peace!

Here is one more button for you to get Council at Daybreak and start playing a whole new type of Catholic, party game!
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